Why a Foundation?
SHFE is a parent-founded and parent-led organization in cooperation with teachers, administration, Fullerton District Office, and the community to enhance the quality of education and other campus programs at SHHS. SHFE provides the tax advantages of a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

What's the money for?
The money raised by the Foundation is used to purchase equipment and supplies for academic, athletic, and art departments at SHHS. Donations for special projects are also accepted.

When is your Board Meeting? 
Monthly board meetings are held on campus in Room 1 at 3:30pm on the second Wednesday of every month between September and May. Board meetings are open to those interested in learning about the foundation and volunteering.

Who decides what to buy?
The Foundation’s Board uses the money to purchase items based on a prioritized wish list provided by the SHHS Principal and the school's department leaders. Community input is always welcome.

Who donates?
Our top donors have been parents, relatives, and friends of SHHS. The SUMMIT Pledge Program is our most powerful donation system for Lancer families. We also encourage you to solicit a donation from your business or employer. They are likely to help us if you approach them directly. Many employers often provide matching contributions for their employees.

What is the SHFE Tax ID?
SHFE is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit education foundation. Your donations may be tax-deductible. Our Tax ID can be found in your tax receipt. For all other purposes, you may contact us to identify your need for the use of our Tax ID.

How can my business help?
We welcome sponsors who are interested in supporting our overhead costs (e.g., printing, website, etc.) and promotional partnerships. If your business or employer has products or services to donate and would like some exposure in the community, please contact us. We’ll make sure that your business receives the recognition that it deserves. 

What about PTSA?
The PTSA is a national organization and its members pay dues. It is actively involved in promoting the welfare of youth in the school, home, and community. Unlike the PTSA, we secure major funding that goes directly to classrooms and student programs. We are a separate nonprofit organization.

How else can I help?
We invite you to attend our meetings which are open to the public. Meeting announcements are posted on our Twitter and Facebook page. The Foundation wants to be excellent and responsive to our community. We want to hear your concerns and suggestions to improve how we do business.  Also, ask about volunteer opportunities. Everyone has a talent to contribute!


If you have a specific question or want to volunteer, please contact us.