You Make It Happen!

The generosity of parents, relatives, neighbors, and friends goes a long way. Additionally, many employers often provide matching contributions for their employees. We encourage our contributors to solicit a donation from their business or employer.

Honoring 2019-2020 Friends of the Foundation

Coming for September, 2019


Previous years

FY 2016 - 2017 Donors

Anonymous (3)
Way Chong
Nathan Durdella
Fall Family
Karen Goldman
Y. Hyun
Kim Family

Katherine Kim
Esther Lee
Michael & Noreen Oune
Christine P.
Jae Park
James Parker
Lisa R.

Julie Rivera
C. Sim
Eun Young Sung
Kelley Valdez
D. Wu
Jun Mi Yoak
Min Yu

FY 2015 - 2016 Donors


Jay & Annette Park


($1,000 to $2,499)

Hyunsook Kwak


($300 to $999)

Christopher &
Cassandra Bunts

Daylon & Donna Stoica

Proud Friends

Anonymous (4)
Lance & Carlyn Al-Rawi
Gina Alcantara
Alma Arase
Kim Bass
Roxane Bassford
Joni Best
Paula Blunk
Ray & Anne Brown
Jerry Cabumay
Joann Carlson
Min Choi
Eric Christensen
Eduardo Cruz
Stephanie Delzer
Sharon Desai
Antonio & Nelly Diaz
Kusum Dugar
Gregory & Lucinda Fall
Carlos Gaspar

Suzanne Gerdetz
Karen Goldman
Joyce Ahn
Martha Holcomb
Seon Young Hong
Craig & Leane  Houck
Joyce Johnson
Mark and Jennie Kaihara
Jane Kang
Becky Land
Joo Hee Lee
Margaret & Andrew Lewis
Tracy Livadias
Robert Milkovits
Ileana Montalvo
Cliff Park
Karima Razi
Huiping Sun
Laichen Sun
Richard & Kelley Valdez
Mr. & Mrs. Valencia
Theresa Wolf
Dr. Kyi Nyo Yee

FY 2014 - 2015 Donors

J. Ahn
R. Bradburn
A. Chang
E. Christensen
C. Creel
J. Fancher
Fernando Family
M. Fry
S. Fukudome
C. Houston
J. Israel

H. S. Jeong
J. Kim
A. Koeck
E. Lee
Lively Family
L. Martin
Nandwana Family
N. Nguyen-Clark
J. Parker
M. Pierce

M. Pierce
D. Rockwell
S. R. Shin
S. L. Sloan
Storey Family
Stoute Family
Tat Family
I. To
D. Tognetti
J. Vaughn
A. Whitten

If you have any questions or would like to remain unpublished, please contact us.