Active Teacher Projects!

Your continuous contributions throughout the school year ensures supplemental funding to enhance education to benefit all students at SHHS. Parents, relatives, neighbors, and friends can all give. 100% of your donation is designated to the program that you wish to support.



Brian Wall, COFA Chair

Objective:  To raise funds that will cover expenses of pathways (Art, Theatre, Instrumental, Vocal, Music, Dance), laureates ceremony, events and field trips.

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Dan Zanone, EPIC Chair

Objective:  To receive much needed funding to maintain lab equipment, replace worn equipment, purchase materials and tools, among other requirements for the EPIC Program. 

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Kelly Kim, Teacher

Objective:  To fund hands-on learning materials that will help student understanding of various concepts through modeling and discussions; thus, it will increase engagement and interest.

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Santiago Villafana, Advisor

Objective:  To cover expenses including registration fee, invitational fees, study materials, building supplies, travel expenses (for competitions as needed) for developing 21st century skills in science and mathematics that are needed in today's workforce.

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Tommy Li, Advisor

Objective:  To financially support the school newspaper with costs of printing 12 issues per academic year, educational workshops for students, digital camera, paper, printer toner and various equipment.

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Note:  Contributions are made with the understanding that SHFE has complete control over the use of donated funds. Occasionally, more contributions are received for a given designation than can be wisely applied to that designation  Such funds are then used to meet similar needs.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.