Fund Disbursement Request Form (mandatory)

This form is required to initiate your fund request for Board approval. If you have a request for new equipment or a program that is NOT funded by the District or a tax-exempt booster club, apply for funding to supplement your curriculum with this form. Be sure to have store information, product details, pricing, quantity, and/or Internet links to complete this form.

For tax-exempt booster clubs:  Partial funding may be possible under special circumstances. Before filling out this form, please contact our V.P. of Disbursement below regarding any inquiries and other instructions.

Receipts for Approved Purchases Form (if applicable)

Use this form ONLY for Board-approved purchases. Receipts or invoices must be furnished to SHFE within 2 weeks of spending for audit and tax purposes. Hardcopy receipts can be dropped off in the SHFE mail slot at SHHS or Room 4 addressed to:  Chrissy Mendoza, V.P. of Disbursement (SHFE). If you are using your mobile device, be sure to take a photo of your receipt or invoice first to upload a copy with this form. Likewise, if you are using your computer, be sure your document is already stored on your hard drive.

Thank Your Donors Form (upon fulfillment of your request)

We are happy to hear that you have received funding for your equipment or program! Please provide a brief Thank You Message to be showcased on the SHFE website. It is part of our efforts to promote ongoing contributions from our donor community by showing where their money is being invested and our sincere gratitude. Your expression of appreciation will help us achieve that goal.

SHHS Needs Form

SHFE offers teachers and administrative staff an opportunity to raise funds throughout the year with our online giving option to support your department, program, or project. Donors can give any amount toward your needs and 100% of the contributions received on your behalf will be designated according to your request. Presently, this opportunity is available to SHHS departments and groups that do not have a nonprofit status.


Please contact Chrissy Mendoza, V.P. of Disbursement, at for assistance.